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Welcome to Innovative TeleMed Solutions

Innovative TeleMed Solutions works in partnership with the world’s leading companies in the healthcare sector, from medical equipment to consumables. Empowered by well-trained professionals who value excellence and competence at work. We offer the most innovative technologies and state of the art products that meet the needs of healthcare professionals. Our portfolio of medical includes a wide range of world-renowned brands and our services include import management and after-sales service. This makes us a provider of choice for specialists in these fields.

Quality Is Our Priority

From sourcing to delivery, and every stage in between, all our products undergo stringent quality control screenings to deliver unparalleled quality without compromise.

We Aim To Serve.

We deliver unrivalled customer service before, during, and even after the products have been purchased and delivered. Our friendly support team is always willing to help with any concern.

Designed For You

For customized carts or workstations, simply send us your original designs or we can work on one together to create the perfect equipment that is made especially for your needs.

Value For Money

We deliver high quality products at an affordable price. We assure our partners and clients that they will get the best value for their money.

Innovative Telemed Solutions Offers

Customized solutions to strengthen your brand and meet your needs.

Custom Device Adapters

Want to add more devices, change the tablet goes with it, or switch the adapter configuration? No problem! Let us develop a solution that will work for your requirements.

& Color

Create a solid brand identity and enhance end user’s experience by customizing the branding and color of your Innovative Telemed Solutions carts.


Looking for a completely new design of your carts all together? Work with our designers and engineers to develop and configure the ideal cart that caters to your specific needs.

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We’re here to help you find the healthcare solution that fits your needs.